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Latest update from Luxor

News update February 2015

Dear Sponsors and Supporters,

At last we are able to bring you news from the project in Luxor, we truly apologise for the delay in communication.

Sunshine Luxor:

The charity is delighted to inform you that Dr Adel Kamel Mahmoud, (an original founder of the new charity Foundation in 2006) has returned to the Foundation Board in Luxor. Dr Adel worked alongside Lorna Ford as Chairman for a while, until he had to go to work away, however now he is back in Luxor to stay hopefully.

Already Dr Adel and his board have begun to take great initiatives for the welfare and future of the children. The UK Directors would like to thank the Foundation board and especially Dr Mahmoud Tharwat Hafez, who has been in regular communication with the UK since January on behalf of the Foundation Board. Dr Mahmoud is currently working with our Sponsorship Secretary Carol Hartley to bring you the sponsorship updates and they will be with our sponsors as soon as possible.

The charity would also like to thank Foundation member Miss Hanan Abdel Raheem for all her work with the children at the Sunshine Village.

All the children are well and 12 new babies came to the project during 2014 and another 2 babies arrived in January of this year. Social Affairs inform us that some of these babies will be found Foster Parents and good homes in Luxor.

Directors visit to the Project September 2014

Our visit to monitor the project, found that some of the village buildings were starting to deteriorate, there are many maintenance jobs to be done and building repairs.

Thomson's gave the charity a generous donation raised from customers and a matched funding by UK Thomson’s office in 2014. The Directors will be in talks with the Foundation in February to discuss the best use of funding for the project for renovations, improvements and new building incentives.

The charity will keep you updated. Already the Foundation in Luxor has begun repairs and general maintenance and is very proactive.


Owing to the large decrease in tourists in Luxor over the last 2 years and the effects on the charity sector in UK, the charity saw a drop in fundraising last year, our usual Fundraisers did as much as they could and unfortunately a regular grant contribution in the UK, which has helped us considerably over the past few years, has now come to an end.

The Lancaster Royal Grammar school for boys raised £3,000 through their Lenten appeal for charities. Eve attended a cheque presentation with several other different charities that also benefited from the appeal. The funding has enabled a young man at Sunshine to take a diploma course (at college in Cairo and Luxor) with the help also of John and Jo Davidson who donated their wedding guests fund collection and Yvonne Herrington’s Fundraising group.

Thank you again to all our dedicated fundraisers and the people who have sponsored or donated and taken clothes and needy items from our wish list to the Project in Luxor.

John Davidson is running in the City of Newport half marathon on the 1st of March. John is hoping for as many sponsors as possible, please visit our events page to read John’s story, to sponsor John visit:


Owing to less people travelling it is taking some time to deliver birthday gifts to the children, however the Directors were able to take some of the gifts in September and they do eventually arrive to the children thanks to our regular supporters who visit Luxor. Please keep gifts to a minimum of £20 and as light as possible in weight.

Thank you also to the sponsors who have sent cards and money for individual children. UK is really trying to build our Dowry fund which will help the children when they are older if you would prefer to make a donation to this in lieu of birthday gifts. This will eventually benefit every child equally.

All attempts are being made by Egypt and the travel companies to bring back tourism to Luxor, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that things will pick up for 2015 .

The Sunshine group in Belgium once again helped considerably with the running costs. Thank you to all the people in Belgium who work extremely hard to raise funds for the children.

Finally, we are endeavouring to work very closely with the new management team in Luxor to continue to make a normal life for the children. However we cannot do this without your help and support, we have come so far, and it would be devastating if we were no longer able to help the children. Please, please continue to support the charity if you can.

Next year marks 20 years since Sunshine was first founded in Luxor, Today life continues at the village every day providing a home and a family thanks to all the people who have supported the children and the charity.

Donations to help with the work of the charity can be sent to our UK office, (cheques made payable to SUNSHINE PROJECT.) Alternatively please visit our justgiving donation page.

Sunshine desperately need your continued support to keep the project going and to provide home, care a future and greater opportunities in life for all children.

Further enquiries contact Eve Lawton –UK Co-ordinator

UK Office: Sunshine Project, Scope House Unit F6, Weston Road Crewe CW1 6DD Telephone: 0044 (0) 1270 254545
(Eve also works from home, so please email anytime)

Email: sunshineproject@btconnect.com
or info@sunshineprojectinternational.co.uk

For more news from the SunShine Village in Luxor and updates about the Sunshine Project in general see our News and Events Page

Sunshine gallery.

Our thanks to all who have provided the photos of life at Sunshine. New Photos

Note of Thanks:

It is not easy raising a family and so many children, (94 at present) many who are now in their teens or early adulthood, everyone at Sunshine does their best to overcome difficulties encountered from time to time and for this we would like to thank all Foundation Members, Management and staff in Luxor .The Social Affairs in Luxor and of course the children who help to keep us truly motivated and who are greatly loved by us all.

Our Sincere Best wishes,

The UK Directors - Sunshine Project UK

There are so many ways to help a Sunshine child and they need that help now! Please do not put off till tomorrow what you could do today. Sunshine has always been wholly reliant on people’s generosity and you can make all the difference to these children’s lives.

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For more information on how you can help to make a difference to the lives of these children take a look at the Support Us page. For a list of urgently needed items required both in Egypt and here in the UK take a look at our Wish List


The idea for SunShine began in 1992 with the dream of one woman - Pearl Smith

By 1996 Pearl and an Egyptian colleague, Dr Amr Taha had founded the SunShine Project. Pearl set up a home in Egypt for the abandoned children of Luxor and founded a trust in the UK to support the project.

In 1999 the SunShine Project became a registered charity in Egypt. The effect was that the UK charity became the funder and the Egyptian charity the service provider. Pearl died from cancer in 2004.

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Our Vision and Aim...

To be the leading Charity in Egypt; to expand our work to help the many needy and desperate children throughout Egypt; and to provide every child with equal rights, equal care, equal love and equal opportunities from the moment they are born.

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If you are from Belgium:

Hilaire Radoes and his team of fundraisers in Belgium are always looking for support to raise funds:

If you are from Belgium and would like to help support the Sunshine fundraising team or offer a donation to them please visit www.sunshineproject.be

The website offers details of who to contact.