With your help, 

 we care for vulnerable children 

 and young people. 

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Wish List

Our Wish List contains some of the items currently needed in Luxor and will be updated periodically. If you can help with any of these items please contact us

We would ask our supporters not to post goods directly to the Project in Luxor, as a charge is made to the Project upon delivery of the goods and depending on weight, this can often be very expensive. Also the postal service is unpredictable and often goods or gifts may not arrive.

Unfortunately we are unable to store any further items at our Crewe office for the time being. The wish list is designed for anyone travelling out to Egypt who wish to take or donate needy items to the project.

Most Urgent Smart clothes for the children for ages from 7 to 18


  • Shirts

  • Ties

  • Long Trousers

  • Suits


  • Dresses with sleeves

  • Long skirts

  • Tunics

  • Summer trousers

Urgently needed in Luxor

Art materials

  • Glitter, paper

  • Paints, brushes

  • Colouring pencils

  • Any art decorations.

Other Items

  • Baby bouncer chairs

  • Single Bed Mattress Protectors

  • Sheets, pillow cases

  • Duvet covers (single)

  • Cot sheets

High Priority Needs

  • Girls and boys (2 to 6 years) shorts and t-shirts.

  • Clothes for children age 3 and over

  • Boys age (6 upwards to teenage age 17/18) Long trousers, Jeans, T-Shirts and Shirts (high priority for boys clothing in these age groups)

  • Girls (age 6 upwards) long trousers, t-shirts, Jeans and Dresses

  • Summer shoes /sandals and special occasion shoes.
  • Clothes boys suits, trousers, shirts and ties or girls party dresses or special occasion dresses.

  • Boys and girls sizes from birth onwards up to the ages of 18

  • Boys and girls school socks and underwear

  • Early learning baby and toddler toys

  • Teenage boys and girls clothes.

Other needs: Single duvets and duvet sets for older children, Educational toys and Children’s DVD’S, White PVA glue (for kindergarten) and blue tack



Are you going to Luxor ?

There are many items stored at our Crewe office that we are desperate to get out to Luxor.

If you are travelling to Luxor and are able to receive or collect a parcel from our main office in Crewe, please contact Eve Lawton on 01270 254545 or email us here.

Owing to lack of storage space we are unable to accept large parcels of clothing at the present time until we have managed to off load clothing already stored. Many thanks.

If you are unable to obtain excess luggage allowance or would prefer to purchase needy items in Luxor, the Project in Luxor is always grateful to receive baby milk or pampers nappies:

S26 Baby milk for young babies can be purchased for 25LE per tin

Bebelac for older babies which is 65LE per tin

Pampers retail at approx 70LE per pack depending on the size


Sunshine Music room

If you are travelling to Luxor and have a good quality Musical Instrument you no longer need, please ring or email Eve .

The project in Luxor is in need of Musical instruments for music therapy and to teach children that are interested to play an instrument. This can be from anything from a guitar, trumpets, Tambourines , recorders, violins, key boards etc. etc..

Who knows we may possibly have our very own Sunshine Band one day !